The privilege of nature

The combination of continental climate and the average altitude ,around 1,200 m above sea level, makes its cold and snowy winters, pleasant and unforgettable landscapes near the warmth of our unique round fireplace.

Along the long Spring and the mild temperatures of Summer in "Calar del Mundo" emerges an attractive environment for rural tourism lovers and for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking with different levels of difficulty , mountain bike rides, climbing and speleology.

Obviously, no objection to those people who choose Las Salegas del Maguillo, as a place for taking a break and having a rest, and they would rather read a good book underneath the generous and pleasant shadow of a tree and waiting for the end for the end of the day, waiting for the amazing sunset over Cambrón river.

Settled in the hearth of a Natural Park

"Calar del Mundo and Sima" were declared Natural Park, in Law 3/2005 of 5 May by the Castile-La Mancha Region. The "Miradero Cambrón Hotel "and "Las Salegas del Maguillo Cottages" are integrated in this unique, peaceful and hugely impressive natural setting, on the mountainside of Guadalimar Valley, a short journey, only four kilometer, far from the breathtaking source of the World River.

A Paradise of Geology

The Nature Reserve of "Calar del Mundo" river consists of different areas well known as "Calar del Mundo"," Calar En Medio", "Chorros del río Mundo", "Poljé de la Cañada de los Mojones", "Sierra del Cujón" and " Calar de la Sima", all of them are located in "Sierra del Segura", in the southwest of the province of Albacete. The Nature Reserve offers its visitors the typical rock formations of limestone mountain range, such as are potholes, sinkholes, poljés and sinkholes . They are the second area of the Iberian Peninsula with the highest number of this type of geological depressions which amount to 960 cavities.


The high environmental value of this place

The Nature Reserve of Calar del Mundo has a high landscape value and a great botanical diversity, highlighting different varieties such as pine or resinero Corsican, Corsican, pine, Aleppo, in addition to them, there are different types of oak, yew, oak and hawthorn. In this natural environment, you may also discover typical fauna of these forests such as ibex, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar, and other species of birds like the golden eagle, Bonelli's eagle, short-toed, falcons, hawks and nightlife species, namely, the eagle owl and the owl. Furthermore, in this wild place, you may find the most outstanding colonies of griffon vultures.