Activities for everyone


There are several routes which offer our guests the possibility to combine hiking and the learning and observation of typical Mediterranean and Penibética mountain flora such as forests, with different varieties of pine, creeping junipers, oaks, mountain ash, river bank vegetation such as elm trees, "grasillas", yews and a wide variety of herbs , for example thyme from Alcaraz, savory, marjoram and lavender.

Hiking for everybody

We advise and help in designing different kinds of routes with a wide variety of length and levels and sometimes we even go with our clients and provide vehicle support for tours if it is necessary. Among the suggested routes we include visiting the Source of " Mundo River", The ascent to Ardal Mount , Pernales Route or the ascent to Cambrón Mountain Peak.

Trails for off-road vehicles

From "Las Salegas del Maguillo" you have the possibility of going on an excursion by jeep,visiting the most characteristic places from Alcaraz, Cazorla and Segura Mountains.

Cultural routes

"Las Salegas del Maguillo" is located in a extraordinary place, in the border of Andalusia and Murcia Regions. We offer our guests the chance to discover the rich natural and cultural heritage of this area and it gives the opportunity to visit nearby towns such as Villaverde de Gualimar, Ríopar and Bronze Royal Factories from Ayna - which is well known as the "Switzerland from La Mancha" and where a famous Spanish Movie Director, José Luis Cuerda shot the film called "Amanece que no es poco; In Ayna there is also a thematic museum about this film. Other nice villages of this area are Bienservida, Liétor, Siles, Segura de la Sierra and Hornos.

Workshops and monitors for children's parties

We have programs for families and groups for several days and they can be changed and adapted to the interests of each group . We can even designed an specific program for them.