The culinary tradition of the mountain

The restaurant is placed in a dining room in which there is a suspended fireplace in the middle of it; this restaurant is exclusively for its customers and it includes bar service and it has the possibility of packed lunches to take away when you go on an excursion.

Our visitors can enjoy a wide variety of menus, with a home made cooking menu, such as a typical Castilian- Manchego cuisine or special menus for special events. All of them with top quality products and with a careful cooking method.

The menu by Salegas offers a solid gastronomy with local and traditional products and with carefully prepared dishes such as "cocido", " gazpacho manchego" , "ajopringue" , rice, "olla de aldea, "ajoaceite con manitas" , baked potatoes with spicy sausage and bechamel , and several types of salads and homemade desserts such as " torrijas", crème brûlée , flan and cheesecake, custard and almond biscuit.
Moreover our kitchen staff can prepare special menus for coeliacs, previously ordered by the guests.

The large suspended fireplace which is a symbol of Maguillo de Salegas restaurant

Gastronomy from Segura Mountain , recovering traditional intense flavors

Our "cocidos", a temptation to recover after a walk around Calar del Mundo

The desserts in "Cambrón Miradero" are temptations which are impossible to resist