We are all of us


In "Las Salegas del Maguillo" all of us are the people who devised the project and all of us are working here, Jose Ramon , Pepe , Beni , Joseph, Martha, Juani and Jorge. A team who is willing to make your stay with us so comfortable and with our best smile and our best intentions.
In the kitchen : the combination of wisdom in the culinary tradition and the wide professional experience of Beni; the knowledgement and qualification of Jorge; the wisdom and serenity of Marta in the dining room, the bundle of energy and smiles of Juani All of them make the perfect and friendly team for a quality service.
In addition , we cannot forget the kindness of Pepe , who is able to make you a nice coffee, to help you with luggage or even to cheer up those "rocieras" nights with a typical spanish instrument called "cajón flamenco", Also, Joseph is the person who is in charge at the reception desk, to answer the phone, in administration, to organize your excursions ... all of these types of things and more; He is the first person to welcome you and the last one to say farewell , We are completely sure that our hospitality and the good job of "all of us" will contribute to be the best reason to repeat an unforgettable experience in "Las Salegas of Maguillo".